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My Characters By Others II

:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:Testing by ruruchi:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

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:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:Testing by ruruchi:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

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DA Friends/Inspirational Deviants

:iconalicechan::iconchoppington::iconclover-teapot::iconcowsgomoose::icondoroxdoro::iconfdasuarez::iconelsevilla::iconevillilmonk::iconfeliane::iconfayerin::iconcrystalcurtis::iconforunth::iconharpiya::iconjustyne::iconmidnightzone::iconnewsha-ghasemi::iconnuaran::iconpiccolaria::iconolayavalle::iconroots-love::iconruxandralache::iconsaniika::iconfu-bby::iconsplit-heart::iconsugarpip::iconviccolatte: :iconzolaida::iconzephyrhant:

Awesome Art Raffles!! 

OC Stories!!

Animated Pink Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara
The Ultimate Task IntroJuly 20th 1997
His long lean body leaned against the rugged interior of the terminals bar. His long masculine fingers wrapped around the small cup of bourbon and sipped it carefully. He turned from the scattering crowds and as he did so he glimpsed a young brunette in the mix. His eyes immediately fixated on her. She was young, maybe barely in her twenties, and she was beautiful. He could feel the waves of determination and strength radiating off of her. She was with another woman. Smaller than she with a wicked gleam in her eyes, her long blonde hair fell in a long pony tail down her back. They were an interesting sight. His eyes followed them and watched as they sat in the terminal that was beside his. They would not be on the same flight. He watched the brunette carefully, watching her assess everyone in her surroundings and then chat easily with her friend.
He pushed out his senses and their quiet chatter played in his ears softly.
"You're still against Vegas aren't you??"
"A night
Destinies Of The E And W IntroThe trinket that hung about Lynette Elle’s neck was small in size, and though her knowledge about the powerful source of magic was lacking, she knew that it would protect her at all costs. When she lost her father to the demon that had been tracking them, the jewel awoke in her bloodied hands and gave her the strength to slay the wretched beast.
The jewel had aided her ever since, even became her closest companion when she found solace in a job that would build her magical strength along with her physical form.
The association that she had come across dealt with humans whom were on a mission to eliminate powerful demon lords. They feared that demons would come to their cities and attempt to overthrow and enslave the humans. They found her the night of her father’s death; they had sensed the demonic aura flair when the wretched beast attacked her. That was almost four years ago now. Mission after mission passed and Lynette became strong and swift in her art of assassination.

Pure Darkness IntroThere is a dark city that is just south of Palladium known as Oblivion. Oblivion is a city thriving of all magic users and bloods alike. The ruler sits high on a dark thrown, the governor a dark user himself, Darcy Searay.
Darcy Searay was admitted as the ruler of this city after his father broke away from the original council of thirty members, and created his own. Darcy was but fourteen. He learned well from his father, all that he needed to, before his father was consumed by the very dark magic that he controlled.
After the death of the late Searay, the city became inhabited by a group that called themselves ‘guardians’. Lady Jay and Sir Jet, the two guardians that had ungodly speed and agility. Mistress Lulu Latraile, the highest sorceress and summoner known to man. Sir Jext, who was the most renowned most respected of magic users and guardians alike. A god. An immortal. Mistress Mia, the purest of sorceresses, she held the power to purify any tainted soul. Arom, also k
Sirius Intro“Demon!” a shrill voice screamed out into the night. A quick shift of the shadows and a cold chill fell over the land as a figure disappeared into the night. Sirius as he was called, the demon named after the star in the constellation Canis Major, the brightest star in the sky. The one also known as the Dog Star, Sothis.
The demon boy was now crouching up in the tallest branch of the great oak tree. Up in the third story of the old mansion was a young woman with long golden curls that fell down her back. She had captured his attention days before when the family had moved inside. He had never seen skin so pale and alike to porcelain. She dressed in fine dark greens and sat staring up at the sky most of the night. She often gazed longingly into his home forest and as he stood high on his perch, he again saw her form turn and gaze up at the sky. At times he wanted to ask what she was gazing at so longingly. What could a royal girl want from his beloved forest? Surely not a de

Tale Of Autumn Intro.                                    ~Tale Of Autumn~
The wind rustled the tall trees. Leaves slowly fell to the soft grassy floor. Red, orange, yellow, and brown. A young woman lies on a blood soaked ground, her eyes heavy with pain and empty with despair. She watches the boots of her attacker moving out of her line of sight. She moved her fingers in the dirt below her fingertips to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. The action causing the pain in her neck to intensify. Her hopes of this nightmarish pain being all a dream slowly fades away. She was here; left for dead.
The intricate patterns of fall leaves and swirls that ran from her fingertips to her neck were sparkling in the light that shone through the trees above her. Her soft brown lashes lie heavy against her cheeks. Her breath was coming sl
Frozen Hearts Intro "Frozen Hearts"
The world was divided by the four regions, each guarded and ruled by a select individual destined by their birth right. War upon war was fought, lands were won, and disputes were settled. Centuries of wars carried on, starting from one generation into the next, the predecessors protecting their ancestral birthright. After four generations had passed the lands were finally at a stalemate with arranged marriages, attempted assassinations, and death. The lands compromised a treaty that encompassed them all; The eagle demons of the North, the winter wolf demons of the East, serpent demons from the South, and the humans from the West.
As the ages began to pass and humans grew more populous and the times began to develop the four corner lords began to stray from their human societies. They left humans to their own form of government, but always kept a watchful eye and a steady hold over them if needed. Unlike the human subjects that they let rule amongst themselves,

Animated Pink Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara
AshiraGold. There was gold everywhere. This room that was to be my “dungeon” was the exact opposite. There were gems the size of my hands, and swords that were encrusted with diamonds that shimmered magnificently. And the gold coins. I had never had the pleasure to touch such a luxury. Sifting a small pile through my hand would eventually become a common sensation to me. But at that time when I was first brought here, it was an experience that brought me incomprehensible joy.
I grew up in a village that was full of fear and superstition. When I was born the head priestess told all that I was destined for a great and terrible fate. Of course hearing those words all my life I grew up expecting nothing but the best, at least the best that a small quaint village could offer me. My mother and father was the king and queen of the village, I was protected and sheltered as much as they could keep me locked up. Since the time of my birth I had heard stories about the great and power demon
Night N' Gale Freedom means to me,
Never having to be afraid,
Chains are not tight and bound
Sing to me my mocking bird…sing for me loud.
Be so pretty in your cage…

In the village I grew up in people admired my voice. They would tell me that the ancient sirens had blessed me with such a gift. It was those times, so very long ago, that I could walk and come and go as I pleased. I was free to wonder endless fields, no restraint, no one telling me that I could not go.
How often I went I can’t be certain. I would go out into the open fields and sing whenever and whatever I pleased, not realizing that my voice would bring me such a fate as I have now. It was during these trips to the field that I had begun to notice a person in the fields with me. They were always so far away from me I could never tell if they were man or woman, human or beast. I never was weary of their presence as they never approached me, nor made any movement when I came. They stood afar and I often wonder

Hebula + CelesteMy tale starts out on a bleak day. My hands are chaffed by the rope that binds me. My legs are sore from all the walking that myself and my few other clans members had to endure. I can hear men bartering, yelling and hollering. I am afraid, though I do not allow these captors to see it on my face. They did not tell us where they were taking us, nor did they come with any warning when they entered my small village and took us. They killed any that opposed them, and the rest were captured like myself.
Before I knew it, we were forced to walk for three days with no rest, no food, and scarcely any water. The camp they brought us to was dirty and full of grimy drunken men that were known as “traders”. They led myself and the other two women to a small tent where a woman was awaiting us. She did not say much, but instead poked and prodded our body and asked a few minor questions before carrying onto the next woman. Judging by the thorough inspection she was checking to see the co
Diana AngelWarning: this story is very dark. This is not a happy intro so if you do not like that kind of things do not read!
Everyone used to always tease me that for an angel I had an uncanny habit of getting myself into trouble. Perhaps that is why when I found a demon severely injured during one of my travels, I had that gut instinct to flee and not get involved. ..But that wouldn’t have been like me…and I couldn’t let someone suffer, demon or no.
This one was handsome. He had hair that went on for miles. An ebony river that pooled all around him. Perhaps it was his hair that tricked me in first and made me come closer for a further inspection. His armor and his robes were tattered, shredded in some places and blood was everywhere. It scared me at first. I had never seen so much blood on someone before. He was breathing; I could hear it, although a bit choppy, it was evening out. Someone did tell me that demons heal uncommonly fast, but perhaps I could help…

AuraI have always admired the way the sun makes beautiful reflections on the surface of the water. I find that I watch it often. When I was young I was always told to stay away from the surface, that those that dwell on the dry lands do not understand us and would bring us much harm. Even after my parents passed away I could not help my overflowing curiosity. I have been visiting the human world for many years now. I have found this little platform that allows me to sit and watch them for as long as I please. I enjoy it, I love their smells and their looks and my heart swells with the idea of becoming one of them.
It is summer here and the heat is intense. I break the surface of the water and shield my eyes from the bright sign. How do humans bare such sunlight? As I pull myself up onto the platform I frequent I search around for any watchful eyes. I think the humans called this a pier? The wooden contraption they called a bride…no…bridge? Yes. I think they called it a bridge
AlvieMy eden was warm and humid. I spent my days lounging in the sun and then coiled in the den I had made for myself. I did what I pleased, when I pleased. Then this demon intruded on my personal space, provoked a fight and I lost. Me. A born killer. I am quick, precise, unwavering. Even before this wretch intruded and ruined my life I have always hated different races. We naga’s are special, we are superior, we are graceful…demons are cocky, arrogant, and useless. Most are nothing but talk, taking what they want for their own gain. Just like this one. This damn male that took me for his own amusement.
“It has been a long time since I last saw a naga,” the voice that disturbed the silence of my swamp made me turn my head to find a man sitting atop my den. He had long black hair that wrapped about his shoulders.
“Go away two legs, you are disturbing me,” I turned and continued on my path and then he was in front of me, investigating me. He was quick for

Animated Pink Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara
Desert Artifacts IntroI have felt this pain before.
This burning, tearing, aching pain. This was poison. Perhaps that scorpion had affected me more than I had first originally thought. I was starting to come out of this poison induced coma. I could feel my senses starting to return to me bit by bit. Then I noticed it. At first I was dubious…but as my ears began to adjust it was surely humming that I heard. Female humming. I very slowly crept my hands from my sides, feeling furs beneath me…where the hell was I?
“If you are looking for a weapon there are none by you, and if you are conscious there is no reason to hide it,” the voice belonged to the one that had been humming before. When I cracked open my eyes I found myself staring at the top of a hut. Where was I? I couldn’t recall getting here. The woman that met my eyes had long ashen blonde hair that fell over her shoulders in a multitude of braids.
“Who are you?”
“Well I don’t think it fair that you

All Characters! <3

Testing by ruruchiTesting by ruruchiTesting by ruruchiTesting by ruruchi

Testing by ruruchiTesting by ruruchiTesting by ruruchiTesting by ruruchi





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Recommended Artists-Commissions-

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:01 AM

I saw quite a few other artists keeping track of positive work experiences, so I thought I would do the same. Don't just take my advice, read about others too!
Commissioner's Stamp of Approval! :DI have decided to make a list of all the favourite artists I have commissioned thus far, and to share it with my friends and watchers! :love: :hug: (I'll write them down in alphabetical order)
J'ai décidé de dresser une liste de tous les artistes favoris que j'ai commissionné jusqu'à présent, et de la partager avec mes potes et watchers! :love: :hug: (Je vais les noter dans l'ordre alphabétique)
1) Europe
Bullet; Purple
Main Type: humanoid characters
Medium: Watercolour illustrations
*Ships originals*
Price Range:
3 € - 100 €
Purchased: one commission ==>

Bullet; Purple

:bulletred: Artists, if you see this and would prefer I don't write about you please message me and I will remove you from the list :bulletred:
These artists are in alphabetical order!

Commission Info:…
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 8
inevitable by Alicechana couple of couples by Alicechana couple of couples pt 2 by Alicechan
I really enjoyed working with Alicechan!
On top of an absolute wonderful personality, she is such a talented and amazing artist!
She delivers quick WIP's and the final product will blow your mind! She pays great respect to characters and interactions!
Her art is so beautiful, and she is so much fun to work with!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:…
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 4
[Commission] Beatrix and Cecilia by AnxiousGrumblerCommission: MaiVay by AnxiousGrumblerCommission: RaisloverSakura by AnxiousGrumbler
Such a fun and lovely style! Anxiousgrumbler is wonderful to work with!
Provides speedy WIP's and the final product is always so vibrant and beautiful!
She portrays characters so beautifully and the poses and expressions are always great!
She keeps you well informed of delays and treats her clients very well!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork
Art Ordered: 8
Commission: Qlaxius and Aloisia by AurionPrideCommission: Night N' Gale and Lord Sansmeran by AurionPrideCommission: Evayne and Oren by AurionPride
Aurion has such darling chibis! Her final product is always super amazing and adorable!
From traditional to digital, her attention to detail and colors are always wonderful!
She pays attention to characters and always has them interacting in such cute and perfect ways!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info: (Contact Her For A Quote!)
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 4
Fae Genesis by AvibrosoQuiet Autumn by AvibrosoShining water by Avibroso
One of the first artists I worked with for background/landscape work!
This artist and I click together so well, she brings my creations to live so vividly and beautifully!
Probably one of the quickest commissioning experiences I have ever had!
This artist works quickly and promptly! She responds to emails quickly and will leave you astonished with what they can do!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

:iconchoppington: & :iconchopstuff:
Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Commission: Lulu and Sheu by ChoppingtonCommission: Sirius and Naomi by ChoppingtonCommission:  Zic and Mai by Chopstuff
I am totally obsessed with this artist's beautiful style!
Choppington draws the most beautiful body anatomy I have ever seen! From sketches to fully rendered paintings,
This artist has blown every commission she has done for me out of the water!
Her attention to detail and her passion is so incredible!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Autumn - Commission by clover-teapotAura - Commission by clover-teapotDragonslave - Commission by clover-teapot
This artist is incredibly sweet and she keeps you updated on everything she does.
She always replies to notes or emails very promptly.
Smooth sailing working with her and her quality of work is amazing! She also is very dead set about getting your characters right, and will try hard to fix and make them perfect for you.
I will definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 4
Commission: Darcy and Alicia by CowsGoMooseCommission: Ice Xue Drau by CowsGoMooseCommission: Alicia by CowsGoMoose
A wonderful and kind artist! I have loved every piece of art I have ordered from Cowsgomoose!
She doesn't take commissions currently, but I have loved watching this artist grow!
She has such a beautiful style and her colors are so rich and lovely!
She delivers quick and fun WIP's and the final piece is always stunning!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info: (Contact him for quote)
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 6
By the hand by elsevillaTwo of a kind by elsevillaI must hurt you by elsevilla
Some of the most beautiful and crazy drawings of my characters.
If you think you have seen detailed you have seen nothing until you go through this artists gallery.
Elsevilla is a wonderful artist to work with, he will not disappoint.
Would definitely work with him again if I had the funds :)

Commission Info: (For larger pieces contact them for a quote!)
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 5
Bottoms up by EvilLilMonkCommission: Dyson and Shiva by EvilLilMonk (Others not on DA)
Great artist to work with! Evillilmonk is an absolute doll!
Her colors and shading always blow me out of the water! She is open to trying new things,
And her final product will leave you speechless! From chibis to full pieces, her work is really topnotch!
I would definitely work with this artist again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Traditional/Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 5
Please don t go by FayerinPeaceful by FayerinTouching the treasure by Fayerin
Looking for brilliant couple pieces? Look no further!
Fayerin does incredible work with couples and passion! From sweet and tender to wild and fun,
This artist will do them all with pleasure! She is super sweet and kind to work with and her WIP's are always wonderful!
She is very speedy for the amount of details and painting she does!
I am currently working with her :heart:

Commission Info:
Traditional Artwork (Mails Originals!)
Art Ordered: 10+
Ashira by ForunthSweet Alicia by DaemlaAutumn by Forunth
Extremely talented with traditional mediums Forunth is an absolute joy to work with.
Always delivers artwork, and makes up for extra time taken with extra goodies!
She strives to ensure customers are happy and will do her best to ensure they are! She also is very deadset about getting your characters right. Something I really value.
I am currently working with her again :)

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 8
Gerdziasta is an absolute joy to work with!
She makes magic with couples and intimate scenes! She captures the emotions and the intensity so well!
Every couple she has drawn for me has been so perfect and spot on! She provides quick WIP's and delivers the product smoothly as well!
I am currently working with her ;D

Commission Info: (closed)
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 7
[Cm] Autumn by Harpiya[Cm] Ashira by Harpiya[Cm] Night N' Gale by Harpiya
Working with Harpiya is always so fun and exciting!
Her interpretations and designs on my characters are always so unique and fun! And wild!!
Responds to notes quickly and delivers final product speedily as well! Super great artist to work with!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Raisloversakura Commission 3 by ImHisEternalAngelLingerie Chibi Commission by ImHisEternalAngelPage Doll Commission by ImHisEternalAngel
Great chibi artist to work with! Imhiseternalangel is great to work with!
Speedy and her delivered product is always super adorable!
Her chibis are so intricate and full of life! The expressions and bodies are always super adorable!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 10+
Commission: Lulu and Ice by kiko-burzaCommission: Sirius and Naomi by kiko-burzaCommission: Hebula by kiko-burza
I really enjoy working with Kiko!
She provides great WIP's and her attention to details and shading is absolutely incredible!
Every single commission she has done for me has been absolutely brilliant!
She ships her originals as well and is super kind and easy to work with!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Sarion by LaElizODarcy Searay by LaElizOShiva Hunter by LaElizO
Looking for lifelike beautiful depictions of your characters?? Look no further!
Laelizo makes AMAZING life like portraits of your characters!!
She responds to emails and notes very quickly and works very speedily to get you a WIP!
I promise you will not be disappointed with this artist! She is super awesome to work with!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 7
Commission: Autumn and Sarion by Luciana-LuSketch commission: Ashira by Luciana-LuSketchpage commission: Fae, Amasis and Beon by Luciana-Lu
Luciana is such a sweet and wonderful artist! I absolutely adore working with her!
Her sketchpages and attention to detail is mind blowing! I have given Luciana my references and she has made magic!
She portrays characters and interactions so perfectly! It's like she is a mind reader!
She is always excited and upbeat ready to work with a client and I love her attitude!
She takes extra precaution when mailing out originals and I really appreciate and respect that!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:…
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 9
PPC - Lynette Elle Lasiere by Negi-KingPPC - Diana Angel by Negi-Kingppc - Ashira by Negi-King (full view for the chibis!)
Negi is wonderful to work with! Her attention to detail to the characters is always spot on!
She keeps you informed of her work and delivers the work timely :) She also remembers returning clients and is very friendly and nice!
Her chibis and full work is always so beautiful and will not leave you disappointed!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork (Mails Originals!!)
Art Ordered: 10+
:C: chibi Night N' Gale by NeMi09:C: Magical Beauty by NeMi09:C: Evayne by NeMi09
Nemi draws the most cutest pudgiest chibis ever!
Working with her is always fun and she always delivers chibis that are so compact and cute!
She depicts your characters perfectly in cute poses and wonderful expressions!
Another artist I can't decide if I like their traditional or digital work better XD
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Artwork!
Art Ordered: 10+
Sarion Colored Commission by Newsha-GhasemiGlow by Newsha-GhasemiCommission 1:Autumn by Newsha-Ghasemi
Love working with Newsha so very much!
She genuinely cares about character likeness and her interpretations of my characters have always been so spot on amazing!
She is very sweet and delivers great WIP's and is more than happy to help make sure your character is exactly how you want them!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 6
Autumn and Sarion by NuaranCommission: Mai by NuaranAutumn by Nuaran
Nuaran is so sweet and wonderful to work with!
This artist shows you wonderful WIP's and responds to emails very quickly!
She mails things very speedily as well, and ensures that your item arrives!
Mine got lost in the mail (due to my error) and she went above and beyond to make sure it got back to her!
The artwork got delivered to me safely and I really appreciate all the hard work she went through to get it back!
I would most definitely work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 10+
Demons and Humans... by CristianaLeoneDarcy and Alicia by CristianaLeoneSarion and Autumn by CristianaLeone
Piccolaria is an absolute doll to work with!
She is extremely kind and fun to work with. Always responds to notes and inquiries very quickly.
She is also very open to trying new things and strives to ensure customer satisfaction!
From digital to traditional artwork I love everything in this artists style!
I would definitely work with her again :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 10+
Shiva and Dyson by Roots-LovePencil dump: Raisloversakura by Roots-LoveRaisloversakura Art Trade by Roots-Love
Roots is a great deviant to work with! She provides you great WIP's and strives to give you the best product!
She does great traditional and digital artwork! I love her style and her attention to detail!
She does traditional and digital and I always have a hard time choosing which I want to order XD
She also makes amazing wooden boxes with your characters on it! I ordered one and I absolutely love it!
I am currently working with her again~

Commission Info:
Digital/Traditional Artwork (Mails originals!!)
Art Ordered: 10+
It's all right by saniikaSirius and Naomi by saniikaMelting ice sketch commission by saniika
Sanii is great to work with! She gives you great information and lets you know how things are going!
She is prompt with her work, and always delivers exceptional work! Both digital and traditional!
She is very speedy and ensures great quality in her work!
I would work with her again! :heart:

Commission Info: &
Digital Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Sample8 by Sho-kunSample6 by Sho-kunSample by Sho-kun
Sho-kun is absolutely terrific to work with!
She captures character likeness so wonderfully!
Her current bust special has blown me away with all the beautiful character she has drawn!
Speedy in delivery and in email responses, it's very smooth sailing with her!
I am in process of working with her again! :heart:

Commission Info:
Digital Pixel Artwork
Art Ordered: 10+
Com_Aura by SugarPipLittle Fairy by SugarPipYou have the right... by SugarPip
Love love working with sugarpip! She delivers quick work and her pixels are always lavish with details and wonderful colors!
I have worked with her as often as I am able (poor dear has been spammed by me with orders!)
Her pixels are absolutely great and she is so fun and wonderful to work with!
I would definitely work with her again! :heart:

Trust me this list could go on and on!
I was kind of basing this list off of continual positive working with experiences with those who are active on DA :)
I am sure I will add more artists as I work with them! :heart:

This is only for POSITIVE experiences
If you want to see artists to avoid you can read my other journal:
(EDIT 4) I Normally Wouldn't Do This But...Well, now I have to make it a case of three people...
I just wanted to warn ANYONE that orders art/commissions of these artist:
Cherryhbloom (RESOLVED)
:new: Update 02/25/2014
I finally got my response and she gave me back my refund after explaining her absence and lack of reply to me.
Thank you for your response and for refunding me my money.
And yet another artist who has left me hanging for 6 months. I contacted her on October 30th, of this year,
Asking for an update on my commission or a refund. She read the note and never responded but will continue to get on DA.
Since then I have noted her TWICE. Once on November 6th, and more recently December 3rd...asking for a refund and why she won't respond to my notes.
These two have remained unread yet I know she is logging in almost every other day.
I have commented on her profile asking her to please refund me or

All Banner Characters (c) RaisloverSakura
Art (c) respective artists! All art was commissioned by me!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

You'll find a little bit of everything in my gallery! I like to do a lot of creative things and my hobbies tend to jump around pretty drastically sometimes! ;)
I like:
:bulletred:Clay Miniatures :bulletorange:Jewelry Making
:bulletyellow:Cosplay/Sewing :bulletgreen:Drawing
:bulletblue:Writing :bulletpink: Photography

Self Taught Artist
I have been writing stories and drawing characters since the time I could hold a pencil. At one point I had 287 different characters that I all once upon a time had taken the time to draw out and create individual biographies for them :) (OCD)

One of my most favorite things in this world is to laugh so hard I cry.

My favorite quote is: "Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take, But By The Moments That Take Our Breath Away."

Personal Quote: "If I Have Not Laughed At Least Once A Day, I Do Not Feel As Though I Am Truly Living. So Laugh Everyday!"

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Do Not Thank Me For The Favorite! You Are Welcome!

I feel bad that I cannot offer you more than just a "You're Welcome"


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SeikoVanM Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student
Thanks for watch :hug:
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Fierbs Featured By Owner Edited Aug 18, 2014
It's well deserved, you're a hard working artist and I absolutely adore your gallery. Keep up the magnificent work. 

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 
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InnocenceShiro Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the fave :) Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
Fayerin Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
my favourite n.n by marusitaneko ( :giggle: found this so cute)
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Forunth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You got the iconnnnnnn yesssss
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